On 4 May 2012 Breathe live arts launched with an event at Hotel Elephant, featuring performance art, sonic art, live music, installations, films and DJs. The event showcased local artists and bands plus recent graduates from London College of Communication alongside more established artists including:

Andrew Beedle (performance);
Black Mass Rising (film by Shazzula);
Chris Shen (installation);
Electric Puffs (band);
Lo-budget mayhem from London Short Film Festival 2012;
Polly Fibre (performance);
Pete Smith (installation);
Russell Bond & co (contact dance);
Tiger Walking Downhill (sonic art / noise act)

Breathe is an independent, unfunded event, brought to you by Breathe & Sweat Recordings plus Hannah Missinthemix, formerly of OMSK.

Hotel Elephant, 77-85 Newington Causeway, SE1 6BD.

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